Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 02, 2021

Like catching fish in a barrel, or is it like shooting fish in a barrel, or shooting a fisherman catching fish in a barrel. Haha hey ya'll welcome back to the daily surf report from Nica and the first weekend of the new year.

Fin taking full advantage of his second home in Nica out everyday getting multiple sessions in and scoring loads of waves.

Pops with the eagle eye view checking out one of the many waves Fin was able to tag and bag.

Another one, and another one yeah dudy straight charging like American Express Visa Mastercard.

You get a wave and you get a wave, everybody gets a wave!! (Oprah voice) Super fun conditions out there today and only 3 people surfing this side of the beach when I was down there.

Asher on a peeler flying down the line quicker then the bird in the sky.

Let's go check the other side of the beach and see what's going on.. sports, contests, and good fun. Along with some waves too, it is truly like a summer camp living here in Iguana. I hope you get to experience the amazing vibe that is this community.

The waves aren't scary big right now but rather super fun sized with the offshore wind still holding up the face and giving little barrel opportunities, at least a head dip!

Waves on both sides of the beach and not more then a handful of surfers on either side.

Waves so tasty got everybody smacking their lips.

Looks like it is almost time for a lunch break surf, after seeing these juicy nuggets.

Glad you joined us for a quick stroll along the beach and a look out at the waves. If you would like to be at the beach everyday living tranquilo the Nica way come take a visit and see for yourself. Until next time my friends and fam love you all and hope to see you soon. Happy New Year!