Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 02, 2016

Hello my friends. This is the second day of this year and the waves keep good. Some sets are coming constantly with long lines. Check it out.

The low tide is good the last days. The offshore wind keep strong, but the last few days after four in the afternoon the wind is dropping.

There are sets breaking outside and this peak in the inside. Looks small but is powerful. Check how this tiny wave work.

It's a small wave, but check the ramp. The sandbank is a feet shallow, so the wave grow quick.

Here this man it's watching how to hit this wave to finish with a trick. He is put attention in the wave coming to him.

And bannggg!!!!. He look for a air... He don't landing , but just for try was fun for sure.

Mr. Gary from Popoyo Beach was visiting our break and he was riding some good left. Here you can see how the wind was affecting the waves.

Mr. gary was ripping!!!... The waves in the sets were slow in the out side and we're going faster in the inside.

The last days we have some party going on. And some surfer keep in the party. With the party waves!!!!.

Party waves!!!!!. This girl don't want to dance in the wave with his surfer.

She was ready for come back home after the nice drop and long ride to the beach. Nice wave surf girl,...

This was one of the lucky surfer in the alienation. Check the late drop and the tube he get.

Yeeeeaaaahhhh!!! buddy!!!!!. This is why this break it is awesome. This wave have too many different types of shapes of waves breaking in the same spot.

Seth get one of the nice waves rolling in right before I finish take photos. That was good for he can see his trick.

Here is Seth looking the lip of that wave. The last few days this is how looks the best waves in the sets.

Yeahh broo!!!!. That turn was in the top of the wave. How that feel. Super coollll!!!!!

And the wave we're going better in the inside. This spot is unpredictably fun.

There are long rights with the low tide. This means there are a swell keeping hitting our beach.

I found two family playing the classic annual cup of football. Here are the Urtecho and Aviles teams. The game was like the Barcelona and the Real Madrid

After four hour of game the score was 4x4. So, both families win. Gooooollllllll!

Ok. Mis amigos. See you tomorrow. Hopefully the waves keep fun. Armando Lopez is out.