Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year everyone.  This is the NSR Family bringing you the first surf report for this 2010.  Today we drove up to the NSR Beach House to drop off a couple of our sick rental boards.  There were some fun waves coming in at this spot but the winds were not holding pretty well, so we decided to drive a little bit upper and found some sweet ones.  It was running well over head on sets with nice offshore winds.  Check out the lineup!!!

We want to post this picture of the first spot we went to.  This was the only surfer that was out taking advantage on some of the better waves.  Check him out doing the best to have fun on this right.

Today we met a couple guys from New York.  They are the people who are staying at the NSR Beach House, one of the many sick places we have to stay down here in Nicaragua.  Remember that we have the places to stay with the best waves and the best prices, so do not hesitate to send us and email if you are planning to make a trip down here.

The surf was on fire, what a nice way to start this year, uh.  Here we have a cool shot of Solon working on his backdoor style on this killer peak.

We mostly had only locals out there, destroying every single wave they caught.  This is young Yubert Martinez with a cool off the top on this right.

There were some nice sized and clean waves rolling all the way in to the beach.  Here is caught one of the many locals we had celebrating the new year in the water.

Mr Brown jumped out in the water and as always he was getting shacked all over the place.  It looks like this year we are going to score some sick ones, don’t you think so?

Very often the Nica people love to go to the beach in the first day of a new year, and today was not the exception.  Check out this shot of the scene we had at the beach today.

Mr Brown was not the only local that was getting shacked today.  How about this guy getting into this small but nice little green room.

Mario “El Danino” Martinez got late to the action.  He probably was feeling the hangover from the huge party they had last night.  We hope to see you charging some bummers this year fella.

Romain from France was the only international surfer we had out, picking up some real nice ones.  Here he is with a deep bottom turn on this sweet set.  What a nice background, uh!!!

As usual, we got some enjoyable wipe outs to watch the whole day.  Here we have this one, as a proof.

On the last shot of the day we have Julio “El Panson” Mairena going big with a killer turn, grabbing the rail.  We hope to score some fun ones tomorrow so please stay tuned with us.