Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, March 15, 2009

The NSR photographers have been out taking many really good photos in the last 3 days in Tola.  If you guys were around this area be sure to check out NSR Surf shots and find out if you got shot in Nicaragua.  Click on any of the photos from the last days and it will take you straight to our galleries.
Hi folks, we are Lucha Libre and Come Pan Panic bringing you all the action from one of our favorite spots up north.  The swell dropped down a little bit today but there were still a couple of hammers coming through.  We had a few of international pro-surfers out there destroying apart our beautiful waves.  We had a crew from USA and another crew from Portugal taking advantage of the good waves and making a great show to more than ten photographers that were on the beach.  It was overhead on sets with offshore winds, the water warmed up a bit but everybody was in wetsuits because it is still a little chilly.  Days like today remind us why we want to stay here forever.  Check out what we got for you guys today!!!
Today the pro guys were making it out of sick barrels, flying and shredding up all over the place.  On the first surf shot of the day we have Brett Simpson setting up to get shacked on this right.  Come Pan jumped out in the water and did a really good job, working against the currents and taking many killer shots.

There were not many local surfers out at this spot but wherever you guys go, you always are going to find a local in the water.  This is Carlitos “Las Pelotas” bottom turning on a cool set wave.  This little kid was charging out there!!!

Come Pan wasn’t the only guy out with a water camera.  There was another guy doing his thing as well.  Here we have a shot of one of the Portugal’s crew riding into a nice barrel with his own photographer.  What else can you guys ask for, when you make a trip and find such amazing waves.

Part of the NSR family made it out to score some good waves as well.  This is our very own Panchito Sanchezito opening up his arm to get some more speed to make it through the barrel section.  Looking good buddy!!!

Mr Brown didn’t want to miss the tube festival out there and paddled out.  He always gets super shacked in this place and today was not an exception.  Check him out getting deep on this right.

Armando “El Codo Coco Loco” Lopez didn’t get barrel today but he was charging on some of the bigger set waves of the day.  Here he is dropping into a nice left hander.  Hey “Monito” check out what you missed my friend!!!

Here we have a shot of Dane Ward from the USA crew throwing a nice fan on this left.  He was out of control, doing some radical maneuvers.  Nice to have you down here guys.

We want to show the sickest barrel of the day.  Jesse Merle Jones dropping into one of the better backside barrels of the day.

Shot 2, hand dragging.
Shot 3, setting up.

Shot 4, about to make it into the green room.

Shot 5, getting covered.

Shot 6, behind the curtain.
Shot 7, disappears.

Shot 8, where did he go?

Shot 9, is he still there?


Shot 10, is he going to pull out of that thing?

Shot 11, amazing barrel.  Wasn’t it?

Shot 12, clean and safe.

Norwin “El Chulin” Estrella was showing us his entire repertoire today.  He wanted to look good to take some attention from the pro surfers.  Check him out doing a cool turn on this nice sizeable wave.

Jason “The Twister” Shibata from Hawaii was part of the big show as well.  He was flying all over the place and had some huge aerials.  Here we have a killer shot from the beach, showing the local kids how to fly high and even higher.

Jason on the same wave and the same move, but different perspective.  Just a second later.

The wipe out of the day goes to Mateo “El Generoso” going over the falls on a sweet set.  He thought that he was a bird so he moved his wings and tried to fly but it didn’t work.  Auccccch!!!

Jantana the oldest guy in the water was taking some crazy rides.  Last year he got scalped by his fin on a wave like this but he is not afraid to get hit once again because he is always going for the big ones.  God bless you my friend!!!

There were some girls on the beach watching the surf action.  At the end of the session they wanted to get a souvenir photo with some of the surfers that were out killing it.

This is one of the surfers from Portugal setting up to get shacked by one of the better set waves of the day.  Check out the water camera guy, just waiting for the right moment to be part of the action.

On the last shot of the day we have Mateo G with a pretty cool shot - check out the NSR Beach House in the background!  Jairo was taking the risk to get pounded, hurt himself or hurt some of the surfers that were out. This not very easy to do even when the waves are small. The swell is dropping a little tomorrow but it should still be pretty fun. Please check back with us.