Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, October 08, 2015

What's up everybody!? Thank you for tuning into the surf report with Parker. Welcome back to our home break because we have great waves and tubes to show you. Look for yourself!

In the early morning, the lefts were working very well. Keep scrolling down to check it out the wave.

Loaded and locked in the tube. Stand up to claim that bad boy!!

As you can tell by his dismount, the waves were fast today. If you want to see all 30 shots, reach out to me at parker@nicaraguasurfreport.com.

The rights needed more tide and time to work best. Don't worry, I have drainers to show you later!
Usually, the saying goes: "the early bird gets the worm." I'm not sure if we have a lot of worms in Nicaragua, but the early morning surfer sure gets the uncontested hollow barrels.
During the last week, the north peak has been going off! Too bad it's the offseason so nobody is enjoying it...
This is the same wave and check the spit. Yeww!!
It hurt to watch and take photos. I want to get out there and pull into head high tubes too...

There's no doubt we surf a heavy beach break and it takes a little adjusting. If you want to take a boat to a softer easier wave, we can hook up a trip.

Set waves were overhead... somebody get on it and tame that beast!!!

Ok. Talk to your boss, request an extended weekend, and rent one of NSR's Villas or Rio Dulce condos. For my sake, I need more surfers in the water to report the best shots!

Alright let's run out there and enjoy it as much as the dogs. Keep enjoying the swell guys and gals and I appreciate you checking out today's report. Adios amigos!!

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