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Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, July 27, 2015

Hello primos. Welcome to the surf report of the last week of July. The waves are small, about two feet, to shoulder high. The offshore wind is strong in the morning, but drop a little in the afternoon. There are some peaks working all over the beach.

This left have the biggest waves today. So people in the line up was looking to taking. The low tide have better waves.

This peak have good rights hitting a sand bank. Check how shallow and fast looks this little nugget.

The small waves have enough speed to make possible good turns. Here is Carlitos ripping the waves.
Some waves in the sets were shoulder high. Here is this lady riding one of the fun waves in the North peak.
Carlitos wasn't the only ripper out there. Here is this man making a sick cut. In this waves condition this surfer was killing the waves.
Tommy Tsunami come to see how it's working this beach break. The waves are small for him, so he keep riding his bicycle.
The beach club have a new hammock and are so beautiful and colorful. After a surf session or a good lunch this hammock are a perfect spot for a nap.
This longboarder was taking advantage of his vehicle taking a long ride in this right. During the high tide this right is soft. So you have two king of waves in the same day. Faster with wall in the low tide and soft in the high tide.
This right was breaking constantly. Not was the biggest wave, but was the most fun.
Ooooh. The nap corner have the first visitors. This girls are reading a book and playing the Ukulele. Sounds Harmonious. But I think one will deconcentrate to the other.
Ok. Amigos. Today was the last day of small waves. Tomorrow a new swell is bringing better waves. So check the surf report, to see the last waves of the month of July. Armando Lopez is out.
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