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Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hello everybody. This is the surf report of the last day of June. This month end with a strong offshore wind. About 30 knots per hour. The ocean look flat for a while and sets of three to four waves come in the sets to impact the line up zone. Check it out.

The small waves have fun barrels.  Here is one of the few barrel with a rider.

The swell is making good left in the main peak. If the conditions are better for tomorrow imagine the quality of waves we could have.

Was a few people in the line up . All this surfers are warriors. I applaud the attitude of this guys to paddle out today.
Watch out bro.. Some solid eight feet waves put in plight to this people.
This beach break is showing the face. One of the best day in June was afeccting for the wind.
The surfer how catch a wave were fighting with the wind. Were a rude conditions, but this surfers enjoy to test this famous wave.
My friend Zack, after to see some waves went to get his surfboard. He always paddle out when the waves are on fire.
Here is Zack getting a shack. Good to see you in the water Bro......
These surfers doesn't intimidate of this waves at all. They were going fort. All the wipeouts and the closing barrels make this surfer get up and go for another one.
This is a aggressive day. This offshore wind not is normal during this part of the year. Tomorrow will be least wind in the afternoon, just seven knots per hours.
This surfer was paddling for take this wave for about ten meters back to be early making the drop. I can say the wind was to much.
Look like a scary movie of surf. The wind when people were going right we're stopping, but this is part of surfing. We're surfing all over the world. Doesn't matter the weather.
Here there are some sets isn't riders but I want you enjoy. Check it out.

Codo Lopez

Huuuuuu. If the wind calm down tomorrow could be one of the best day of this year so be tuned with the surf reoport.
Different wave in the seem set. How big you think this waves is?
Were breaking like twins. Everybody in front the beach was enjoying to see this waves rolling.
The wind was so strong during this time to flip a boat in the bay. Not buddy was hurt and everybody was impressive for see the event. Wow...
Ok. Amigos. This family is enjoying the swimingpool with they kid watching amazing waves. we are so happy to see this moments. Have a gread day and see you tomorrow. Armando lopez is out.
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